Maple Latte

Non-Alcoholic beverage / Breakfast and Brunch

Metric Imperial


  • 1 serving of coffee
  • 5 - 10 ml of pure maple syrup from Canada (Grade A light or medium)
  • Milk


Pour the cup of freshly brewed espresso into a mug, stirring in the maple syrup. Then, lightly spoon in steamed milk.

Sweet Tip: If you have a regular coffee maker at home without a milk steamer, we recommend lightly scalding ¼ of milk in a small pot. When ready, remove the pot from the stove and lightly froth the milk with a milk frother. This yum drink makes a great pairing with a buttery croissant.


When the weather outside is frightful, and you need a little soul warming, why not try a touch of all-natural sweetness in your morning cup? This delicious and creamy 100% pure Canadian maple latte recipe is quick to create at home. It’s this simple: