Maple Butter

Velvety Smooth

Maple Butter, famous the world over, contains no butter or any dairy. What it does contain is pure joy.

It is, in fact, a fondant, a culinary term known to pastry makers that refers to a buttery-textured preparation obtained through cooking, cooling, and stirring. Like all Québec maple products, maple butter is made solely from maple sap. It puts a perfect finishing touch on your desserts, pancakes and French toast. 

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Maple Syrup

There are four classifications of maple syrup, graded according to colour and taste.

Speciality Products

Vinaigrettes, vinegars, mustards and jellies are just a few of the local specialty products made even more delicious with maple syrup. For sweet and savoury applications alike.

Maple Spirits

Made by fermenting maple water or blending maple into a liqueur, these spirits are great for sipping or cooking. Try maple vodka, maple brandy, maple port, maple cream and more.