Environmental Benefits

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Pour a little maple syrup from Quebec on your pancakes or in your coffee, contribute to the preservation of ecosystem goods and services for our planet. That’s a lot to accomplish before breakfast is done! A recent study by Groupe AGÉCO and the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, revealed that forests in Quebec currently in use for the production of maple goods are ecological powerhouses. These forests, generally protected under Quebec law, provide $844 million in ecosystem services that are “useful and essential to human well-being and do not, in many cases, have any man-made substitute.”

There are at least 53 million untapped maple trees in Quebec! Right now, the total economic value of the entire maple forest is $2.1 billion USD ($2.7 billion Canadian Dollars), and it offsets the carbon emissions from 770,000 vehicles each year, or one-third of the vehicles in New York City. However, that value is not guaranteed to last. Until the 53 million untapped trees are put into production, they are generally not under protection and could be cut down at any time, depriving current and future generations of the ecological benefits they provide.

But, you can help! When one person per household uses one teaspoon of maple syrup or maple sugar each day instead of another sweetener, two new maple trees go into production – and under protection. If many people made the switch to maple, large areas of forest would be protected, providing more benefits and conserving a proud heritage to serve future generations.

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