About QMSP

About Quebec Maple Syrup Producers

The PPAQ was founded in 1966 with the mission of defending and promoting the economic, social and moral interests of some 7,300 maple businesses across Quebec. These men and women work together to establish quality standards as well as collectively market and promote their products. Quebec produces 90% of Canada’s maple syrup and nearly 72% of maple syrup production worldwide.  Together, the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia contribute 10% to Canada’s production.

The PPAQ proudly promotes the brand Maple Products from Quebec, in addition to coordinating the promotion and value creation of Canadian maple products internationally on behalf of the Canadian maple industry. In this capacity, the PPAQ steers and coordinates the International Innovation Network on Maple Products from Canada.

Maple syrup has long been part of Canada’s cultural fabric. In 1676, a missionary named Chrestien Leclercq tells us that he witnessed the use of an iron cauldron by Native Americans and our ancestors to make maple sugar. It is because of this iron cauldron brought from France that our ancestors and the Native Americans learned together to make maple sugar.

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