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June 17th, 2011

Competitor Magazine Original Article

Is maple syrup the hot new superfood?

This article first appeared in the May issue of Competitor Magazine.

Initial research presented at the American Chemical Society meeting on March 30 in Anaheim, Calif., by scientists at the University of Rhode Island and Quebec’s Lavale University instigated the claim the amber nectar possesses previously unreported benefits. Dr. Navindra Seeram, who led the URI study, unveiled 54 beneficial compounds in Canadian maple syrup.

“Maple syrup may in fact have the same health benefits that are found in berries, red wine, green tea, flax, whole wheat and so on,” said Dr. Seeram in a video posted on the Canadian Newswire website.

Even more exciting initial findings reveal that properties in maple syrup could play a role in controlling insulin. According to Seeram, Dr. Yves DesJardins from Lavale University found compounds in maple syrup that may help the body stimulate insulin release; URI professor Chong Lee’s research reveals that maple syrup compounds may aid in the degradation of carbohydrates, thus reducing glucose levels in the blood.

Before you start chugging maple syrup straight from the container, keep in mind that the studies, funded by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, are preliminary. “These are test-tube studies,” Dr. DesJardins said in the video. “We need to confirm these findings by conducting large-scale human clinical trials.”

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