Is Maple Syrup Sweeter than Honey?

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September 24th, 2012

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I am wary of most food fads and didn’t pay much attention to the Canada Maple Syrup representatives at Fitbloggin, but as I was sorting out all my swag, their brochure [PDF] caught my attention.

At first I laughed at this statement: Before your workout, maple syrup gives you the energy burst needed to power through your exercise regimen.

I mean, it’s sugar! But then I saw this nutrition information chart:

Now, I know I’m never going to consume a 1/4 cup “serving” of maple syrup (I just don’t like that much sweetness), but the chart provides an interesting comparison to my other go-to liquid sweetener, honey. I was surprised to see that maple syrup has more of some nutrients than honey, and fewer grams of sugars.

I do like a drizzle of maple syrup on my banana oatmeal pancakes, and I did put some Grade B maple syrup on my oatmeal at Fitbloggin (the darker grade syrup has more antioxidants and a stronger flavor) and it was delicious. Now, I may try it on other things instead of honey–like peanut butter toast. The Pure Canada Maple website has more interesting recipes, including a “sports drink” recipe (based on orange juice) and a smoothie recipe.

Do you like maple syrup? What do you think I should try it on?

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