Incredible Maple


The many reasons to love Canadian Maple Syrup.

A superb culinary ingredient.

In the hands of pastry chefs Stéphanie Labelle and Chef Marc-André Royal, maple is the perfect ingredient for many kinds of recipes. Here, they invite you into their kitchens to share some cooking tips and tricks, and reminisce about what sugaring season meant to them as children.

Pure Maple Syrup is packed with nutritional benefits.

Nutritionists Stéphanie Côté and Mélanie Olivier love maple for the nutritional benefits it brings to the table. How can something be so delicious and good for you too? In this video, they explain maple syrup’s nutritional value and why it’s an excellent source of energy before, during, and after sports and exercise.

Interested in how to make Maple Syrup?

Every year when winter turns to spring, the Québec maple syrup producers head out to the bush to collect sap from maple trees and turn it into syrup. See them in the majestic natural forest, where they pour their hearts into producing the maple syrup that we are so fortunate to put on our tables.

Maple Syrup, a worldwide delight.

Maple may be a treasure that originates in Québec forests, but its magic is shared around the planet. From the United Kingdom to Japan, maple is a beloved treat that is savored in dishes and food products across the globe.