Healthy Plate: Little sweetener makes a healthy diet tasty

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March 22nd, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune Original Article

Moderation is a wonderful thing.

Not only do health experts say it is the key to making — and sticking with — healthy eating choices, it also goes a long way to making the healthy foods we choose more pleasurable.

Sweeteners are one ingredient where moderation can make a big difference. While the massive amount of high-fructose corn syrup consumed by many people isn’t a great choice, a more moderate amount of natural sweeteners can be a wonderful complement to a healthy diet.

A bit of maple syrup, for example, can create a wonderfully sweet glaze for roasted poultry or root vegetables. Likewise, maple sugar (a granulated form of the syrup) can be great in a rub for beef or pork.

In this recipe for garlic-maple roasted parsnips, maple syrup creates a deliciously sweet glaze. If parsnips aren’t your thing, feel free to substitute carrots, beets or other root vegetables

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