Could Maple Lattes Be the Next Big Seasonal Coffee Drink?

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January 27th, 2011 Original Article

Despite well-timed seasonal drink promotions at nationwide coffee chains, I couldn’t help but notice that Winter beverages are looking less-than-creative this year. Now that peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes are household phrases, what’s the new flavor of the month?

New couple Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal might have the answer: maple lattes. In the past week, the two have been spotted at beaneries across the country, sampling versions of maple coffee drinks in Brooklyn, NY, and two Nashville, TN, coffeehouses.

Although a latte with maple flavoring made the rounds in the Northeast and Canada as recently as five years ago, it’s not been seen at mainstream coffee chains in recent times, despite scattered campaigns to bring it back. Given the trend of the tree sap in tipples, could Taylor and Jake single-handedly push Grade B maple syrup back into the coffee mainstream?

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