Fitness and Health Professionals

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Dear Fitness and Health Professional,

As part of the Federation’s mission to support fitness and health professionals, we created a helpful toolkit for your daily client meetings. It includes a booklet with tear-out sheets that enables you to share maple syrup facts and tips with your patients, clients and students, to help them make informed choices when using a sweetener.

Pure Canadian maple syrup is a  natural sweetener you can feel good about recommending in moderation. It is more than just an energy source with amazing taste. When a recipe calls for a touch of sweetness, maple syrup is a better choice, containing significant levels of essential vitamins and minerals – manganese, riboflavin, zinc, and even some potassium. In addition, maple syrup was recently found to have high antioxidant activity, the result of 54 different polyphenols, many like those found in berries, tea and flaxseed. It is no surprise that this sweetener has such a good nutrient profile when you consider that it is a highly concentrated form of tree sap, the life blood of the maple.

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