6 Foods Mark Twain Loved That Can Still Be Found

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October 25th, 2010

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In yesterday’s post, I listed a number of foods that have vanished from America’s tables since Mark Twain included them on a long fantasy menu written while traveling around Europe. The foods on today’s list come from a more hopeful category–those Twain enjoyed that can still be found and savored today.

Maple syrup remains, fundamentally, a wild food. The trees take some forty years to grow large enough to tap without damage, far too long to be practical as plantings in most cases. The majority of sap—and therefore syrup—comes from wild trees. And, as the sad story of the American chestnut show us, the thriving of a single species in our forests should never be taken for granted. Maple syrup remains a sustainable, historic, culturally significant, and utterly delicious North American food.

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